* B2B, B2C, B2B2C, More++ + OFFERS 4 YOUR SALES INCREASE @ 2020 onwards in IN🇮🇳DIA.*

Please do send Your LOI (Letter of Intrest) after go through by you or your Expert employee or Business Decision Maker to Take Your Right Decision by yourself.

Actually Your Intial ad as select as per your *Business Sales Increasing* among any of our B2C or B2B or B2B2C or Promotional Offers.

1. O2C Interactive Ad Cost @ Rs.15000 + Taxes / Month

2. O2C Dedicated Employee or Service Cost @ Rs. 15000+ Taxes / Month

3. THIRD Party Credits Package Cost as Per Agree Technology Starts @ Rs. 40,000+ Taxes onwards.

*Package A*

B2C starts @ Rs.20,000+ Taxes

*Package B*

B2B start @

Rs. 40,000+ Taxes

*Package C*

B2B2C starts By Rs.80,000+ Taxes

*Package D*

O2C B2B2C ROI Offer @ Rs. 1,60,000+ Taxes

*Package E*

Promotional Profile Ad @ Rs. 12,000+ Taxes.


Dedicated Employee Cost for Work from Office at Rs.24,000 + Incentives+Awards

Dedicated Work From Home Employee @ Rs.12,000 + Incentives+Rewards

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